Frequently asked questions

Q: Are you accepting applications for residency training beginning July 2022? 

A.  We will be accepting PGY-1 applications starting September 2021 for training beginning July 2022. Applications are only accepted through ERAS. Our NRMP Program Code is 1295300C0. 

Q. Do I need to be licensed by the Board of Medicine of the State of Michigan to be admitted to the Pathology Residency Program?

A. You do not need to be licensed by Board of Medicine of the State of Michigan when applying, but you must obtain a Michigan Educational Limited license if you are admitted to program. The license must be valid beginning July 1 of the program year.

Q. Are Residents required to pass USMLE/COMLEX step 3 during training?

A. Yes. Residents must take and pass Step-3 by the end of the second year or they will be dismissed from the program. For competitive application, it is recommended IMG applicants complete Step-3 prior to applying. 

Q. Are residents from international medical schools currently enrolled in the program?

A. Yes! The Pathology Residency Program takes pride in its diverse group of highly qualified residents and faculty.

Q. What are the criteria for selection to the Pathology Residency Program at DMC/WSU?

A. The residency committee considers USMLE/COMLEX scores, previous pathology training and achievements, your personal statement of interest in pathology, and professional letters of recommendation. 

Q. What should an applicant include in the Personal Statement? 

A. Your Personal Statement should summarize your particular background and interests. What experiences have motivated you and helped define your goals? You should also indicate in your personal statement why you are interested in pathology as a career, what kind of exposure you have had in pathology, and what career path you plan to follow after training.

Q. Does the Pathology Department offer H-1 visa?

A.  No, visas are handled by the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC). The Pathology Program follows the DMC GME policies. As of 2018, a J-1 visa is mandatory.  

Q. Do I need to submit results for USMLE/COMLEX Step 3 in order to apply for the residency program at DMC/WSU Department of Pathology residency program?

A.  No, you do not need to submit Step-3 results in order to apply for the Pathology residency program at DMC/WSU.  However, it is highly recommended for international medical graduates and American medical graduates who have already undertaken residency training in other fields, or who are transferring into the DMC/WSU Pathology Residency Training Program after PGY-1.

Q. Is there a specific cut-off date for graduation?

A. No, there is no specific cut-off date for graduation; however, most successful applicants apply within 10 years of graduating from medical school.

Q. Is passing USMLE step 2 (CK/CS) or COMLEX level 2 (PE/CE) required for an interview or as an application prerequisite?

A. No. However, candidates must pass both parts of step 2 (USMLE or COMLEX) before the rank list is submitted.

Q.  For international medical graduates, is ECFMG certification required for interviewing?

A. Yes.

Q. Is there a policy regarding the number of attempts or a minimum passing score on the USMLE/COMLEX?

A. No.

Q. Does your program offer an observership program?

A. No. There is no formal observership program in the Department of Pathology. Due to the ongoing responsibiltities of faculty and trainees, we are not able to offer observerships at this time. 

Q. Does your program require previous training or experience in pathology?

A. For a competitive application, previous training or experience in pathology is useful in confirming your interest in a career in pathology. 

Q. Does your program require research experience or a Ph.D. in pathology?

A. No. Previous research experience and degrees are useful in confirming your interests and abilities in biomedical sciences and pathology. The training program includes opportunities for research experience.

Q. What is your program ID for ranking in National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)? 

A.  1295300C0