Our Pathology Department is composed of close to 90 WSU faculties with a healthy balance between clinical and basic research scientists. Our clinician scientists are at the forefront in translational and clinical studies, in the area of molecular diagnosis, prognosis. The Department of Pathology is the home of the University Pathology Research Services (UPRS), which is to provide researchers and faculty of WSU, the KCI and the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) with a scope of tissue based ancillary studies and technologies that encompass both the technical and the interpretational/collaborative offerings of a modern academic pathology department. The focus of the basic research in our Department includes three major areas:

  • Cancer research
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes

Each of these areas is comprised of funded investigators with established research programs and productive scholarly activity. The faculty of the Department of Pathology is an integral component of the KCI, CVRI and CIMER, and major contributor to the research endeavors and academic programs in other departments, centers and institutes of WSUSOM. Several members of the Department fill leadership roles within those Institutes and as such play major roles in defining scientific goals and areas of research.