Consultation and diagnostic services

Our clinical faculty members serve primarily at the Detroit Medical Center University laboratories (DMCUL), a regional, integrated laboratory system that provides services to the eight hospitals that comprise The Detroit Medical Center located in Detroit, Michigan. DMCUL is comprised of Core Laboratories, Specialty Laboratories, six (6) rapid response hospital laboratories, and full service outreach infrastructure which includes patient service centers, remote ambulatory laboratories, marketing staff, courier system and billing department.
All DMCUL divisions are high complexity testing laboratories. Each of the laboratory entities is accredited and/or inspected by the following agencies: College of American Pathologists (CAP); Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA); Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and, where appropriate, by the American Association of Blood Banks.

The DMCUL service area covers the entire Southeast Michigan market, and is growing at a rapid pace. The core laboratory of DMCUL is located on the DMC central campus, adjacent to Wayne State University School of Medicine. Wayne State University's Department of Pathology affiliation with DMC University Laboratories provides a unique focus on education and academic achievement. DMC University Laboratories support the medical technology, cytotechnology and histotechnology internship programs, as well as provide medical students and pathology residents with training in anatomic and clinical pathology. DMC University Laboratories is also closely affiliated with Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.