The four-year program offers integrated training in anatomic pathology (AP) and clinical pathology (CP). The training program is a 13-block schedule (4-weeks each block) which includes the following rotations:

Anatomic Pathology (28.5 blocks)

Core Anatomic Pathology - Harper (17 blocks)

  • specimen grossing
  • frozen section
  • surgical sign-out
  • autopsy 

Anatomic Pathology - Sinai-Grace (2 blocks)
Anatomic Pathology - VA (1 block)
Cytopathology (3 blocks)
Dermatopathology – VA/Harper (1 block)
Forensic Pathology (1 block)
Neuropathology (1 block)
Pediatric Pathology (2 blocks)
Perinatal Pathology (2 weeks)

Clinical Pathology (18.5 blocks)

Blood Bank (3 blocks)
Clinical Chemistry (3 blocks)
Cytogenetics (1 block)
Flow Cytometry/Coagulation (1 block)
Hematopathology (4 blocks)
HLA (2 weeks)
Management (1 block)
Microbiology (3 blocks)
Molecular Pathology (1 block)
Virology/Serology/Immunology (1 block)


Elective Options (5 blocks)

AP specialty areas (per attending)
CP specialty areas (per attending)
Research (per attending/investigator)



A wide spectrum of resident-focused intra- and inter-departmental clinical and teaching conferences, along with daily close observation and guidance by staff pathologists, and the opportunity for translational research:

Weekly Core Conferences

  • Orientation lectures in surgical pathology
  • Unknown slide conference
  • Topic-based Unknown Conference
  • PIP conference
  • CPC Presentation
  • Multi-headed microscope slide conferences
  • Journal Club (monthly) 
  • Brain Cutting