Chair's Message

Welcome to the Department of Pathology at Wayne State University School of Medicine. This message offers a glance into the opportunities furnished by the department through its major mission components of medical education and training, clinical services and basic and translational research. We designed this website with the aim of providing our visitors with a friendly, up to date medium that allows for easy navigation through its contents, recourses, career opportunities, intra and extra institutional collaborations and the profile of our faculty and staff and their accomplishments. 

The department enjoys a faculty body of 80 members and more than 30 research associates, assistants and post doctoral students. The highly talented cadres of our PhD scientists continue to enjoy impressive NIH and other peer reviewed funding and who have an established track record of mentoring junior faculty on the path of successful academic careers. Major areas of research interests include cancer biology, metabolic diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and inflammation. The established stimulatory collegial research environment and broad spectrum of interests formed a solid basis for multidisciplinary training. We are equally proud of our 45 hospital based MD-MD/PhD faculty body providing the medical leadership and diagnostic/consultative expertise for the numerous specialized laboratories throughout the six hospital system of the Detroit Medical Center, the Karmanos Cancer Center and the John Dingle Veterans Administration Hospital handling collectively the largest hospital based lab test volume in the state of Michigan. In this arena, we offer the wide spectrum of pathology expertise encompassing the clinical diagnostics specialties in surgical pathology and laboratory medicine.

We like to emphasize the unique educational and training opportunities available through the department of pathology and its multiple affiliations. Our faculty provides the main curriculum of the undergraduate medical school sophomore class in the form of the continuously updated pathobiology and pathophysiology courses. Our residents and fellows (in cytopathology, hematopathology, pediatric and surgical pathology), enjoy the benefits of a dedicated faculty along with the extensive exposure to all areas of anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology throughout the seven hospital system and array of specialized laboratories. We are especially proud of the training opportunities, mentoring and career paths offered through enrollment in our recently revitalized PhD graduate program in molecular pathobiology of chronic human disease. Our department is also a home for students of the Cancer Biology, Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics and the MD/PhD programs. We are also active partners in constructing and teaching the curricula of a multitude of allied health technical programs including the cytotechnology program, the histotechnology program, the medical technology program, and the pathologist assistant program.

We encourage you to visit the specialized area for the components listed and trust they will be informative and of value. We certainly appreciate your thoughts and feedback.