Maria Worsham

Maria Worsham


Maria Worsham

Office Address

Henry Ford Health System
1 Ford Place, Room
Detroit, MI 48202

Position Title


Education Training

  • B.S., Microbiology/Chemistry, St. Xavier's College, Bombay, India 1972
  • M.S., Biology, University of Detroit, Detroit, MI 1976
  • Ph.D., Pathology/Genetics, Wayne State Univ., School of Medicine, Detroit, MI 1993
  • ABMG, Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics, Medical Genetics Fellowship 1993-1996
  • HLA, HLA Director Training 1996-1998
  • Clinical Cytogenetics Clinical Molecular Genetics, Maintenance of Certification in Clinical Cytogenetics and Clinical Molecular Genetics ABMG October 2006

Areas of Interest

Otolaryngology/ear, nose & throat research, clinical cytogenetics, and clinical molecular genetics


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Other Information

2008 Recipient of the St George National Medal Award, American Cancer Society

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