Todd Leff

Todd Leff

(313) 577-3006

Todd Leff

Office Address

Department of Pathology
111 Lande Bldg.
540 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201

Position Title

Associate Professor
Department of Pathology Center for Integrative Metabolic and Endocrine Research Graduate Officer of Pathology PhD Program

Education Training

Areas of Interest

Molecular and cellular biology of metabolism and type II diabetes


Gene transcription, nuclear receptors, metabolic regulation, insulin resistance, and diabetes

Research Interests


1. Hong YH, Varanasi US, Yang W and Leff T, 2003, AMP-activated protein kinase regulates HNF4α transcriptional activity by inhibiting dimmer formation and decreasing protein stability, J Biol Chem, 278: 27495-501.
2. Hegele RA and Leff T, 2004, Unbuckling lipodystrophy from insulin resistance and hypertension, J Clin Invest, 114: 163-5.
3. Li G & Leff T, 200, Altered promoter recycling rates contribute to dominant/negative activity of human PPAR γ mutations associated with diabetes,  Mol Endocrinol, 21:  857-64.
4. Monajemi H, Zhang L, Li G, Cao H, Maas M, Brouwer CB, Kalkhoven E, Stroes E, Hegele RA, and Leff T, 2007, Familial partial lipodystrophy phenotype resulting from a single-base mutation in DNA binding domain of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma,  J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 92: 1606-12.

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