Fulvio Lonardo

Fulvio Lonardo



Fulvio Lonardo

Office Address

3990 John R
Harper University Hospital, Department of Pathology
Detroit, MI 48201

Position Title

Professor of Pathology


Dr. Lonardo’s specialty is in the anatomic pathologic of cancer. He has a sub-specialty expertise in cancers of lung and head and neck, for which serves as a reference pathologist and consultant.  

Education Training

Medical Education Responsibilities


  • Lectures on Molecular and Morphological Basis of Cancer (5 hours), 2nd year Medical Students
  • Lectures on Pathology of Neoplastic and non neoplastic lung diseases (2h), 2nd year Medical Students


  • "Hands on" training of surgical pathology residents, daily
  • Lectures on Lung  pathology (4h), surgical pathology residents
  • Lecture on Salivary gland pathology (1h), Head and Neck fellows and residents
  • Lectures on Cellular basis of cancer, Ph D students (3h)


  • Lectures on General Pathology of cancer, non Medical Professionals (3h)

Areas of Interest

Pulmonary Carcinogenesis, Molecular Pathogenesis of Lung Adenocarcinoma, Epidemiology of Lung Cancer, Role of Maspin in Lung Cancer


Together with S. Sheng, PhD. (Pathology), I have found that an exclusively nuclear expression, compared to a combined nuclear-cytoplasmic expression of the tumor suppressor protein maspin is common in adenocarcinoma, but not in squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. In addition, in limited stage adenocarcinoma nuclear maspin is linked with favorable clinical-pathological variables, including  improved survival. These data, along with in vitro evidence, support the hypothesis that maspin's tumor suppressor ability depends on its nuclear localization. Ongoing research investigates the role of changes in maspin cellular localization in morphological progression in lung adenocarcinoma and its biochemical basis.

I am also involved in a prospective epidemiological study with Ann Schwartz PhD. (Internal Medicine) to address the hypothesis that gene polymporphisms in inflammatory genes may explain relative propensity to develop COPD vs. lung cancer in smokers.

In collaboration with G. Hillmann, PhD. (Radiology),  I am studying a mice model of lung cancer to evaluate compounds with chemotherapeutic or radiation damage-protective activity.

Research Interests

Morphological-molecular relations in lung cancer. Molecular basis of maspin activity. Epidemiology of lung cancer.


1990-1994: University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY, USA, in Anatomic Pathology


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