Michael Tainsky

Michael Tainsky



Michael Tainsky

Office Address

Wayne State University - Karmanos Cancer Institute
Karmanos Cancer Institute
3115 Prentis Building
110 East Warren Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48201

Position Title


Education Training

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1977

Areas of Interest

Basic mechanisms of molecular and cellular biology that are altered as cells progress to become neoplastic

Research Interests

The research focus of the lab is based on our research experience in inherited cancer and genomic instability.  Finding the Cancer Early.  We have developed technology for a new biochip-based test for cancer that can predict cancer before there are symptoms.  Protein microarrays containing thousands of proteins are used in screening tests for breast and ovarian cancer.  Understanding Cells with Defective, Mutant Cancer Genes.  We discovered over 20 years ago that cells with defects in cancer predisposing genes grow abnormally in the laboratory. Using genomic profiling we have identified 3 genetic pathways that contribute to immortalization of cancer cells.  These pathways are being studied to develop new therapies for the early interference in cancer formation in patients genetically predisposed to the disease.


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