Gerald L.  Feldman, M.D., PhD

Gerald L. Feldman, M.D., PhD


Gerald L. Feldman, M.D., PhD

Office Address

Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Hutzel Building/WG71. 4701

Administrative Contact

Michelle Phillips

Position Title

Professor of Pathology Molecular Medicine and Genetics and Pediatrics


Dr. Feldman is Board-certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics in Clinical Genetics and Clinical and Biochemical Genetics.  He has been involved in Molecular Diagnostics for over 20 years, directing laboratories that provide state of the art molecular testing for inherited disorders and hematopathology and solid tumors. 

Dr. Feldman provides expertise in the clinical, molecular and biochemical diagnosis of genetic disorders.  He also provides expertise in the management and treatment of patients with inborn errors of metabolism.  He serves as the course director for Advanced Medical Genetics and is involved in the education and training of medical genetics residents and fellows and pathology residents and fellows.

Education Training

Bachelor of Arts, Indiana University, 1975

MS, Medical Genetics, Indiana University, 1977

Ph.D. in Human Genetics (1981)
Virginia Commonwealth University,Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, USA
M.D. (1984)

Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia School of Medicine, Richmond, VA, USA


Medical Education Responsibilities

Undergraduate Program
Co-course Director of Advanced Medical Genetics (MBG 7800)
Co-course director, Year 1 Medical Genetics


Director of the Medical Genetics Residency Program and Medical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship Program

Areas of Interest

Molecular Genetics and Molecular Medicine

Research Interests


Residency in Pediatrics
1984-1987: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

Fellowship in Clinical Genetics and Clinical Biochemical/Molecular Genetics

1987-1990: Baylor College of Medicine and Institute for Molecular Genetics, Houston, TX, USA


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