Wael Sakr

Wael Sakr


(313) 745-2525

Wael Sakr

Office Address

Department of Pathology
3990 John R. Road
Harper University Hospital, Detroit Medical Center
Detroit, MI 48202

Administrative Contact

Lydia Cuper
Phone: (313) 745-2520
Brenda Batts
Phone: (313) 577-1102

Position Title

Chairman, Pathology Department
Specialist-in-chief of Pathology, DMC

Education Training

M.D. (1980): University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria

1985-1987: Harper Hospital, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, USA, in Surgical Pathology

Areas of Interest

Prostate Cancer, Surgical pathology, urologic pathology, head and neck pathology


Dr. Sakr has been interested in the histopathological and biological traits of preneoplastic changes of the prostate. His work contributed to a current consensus that high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasm is a precursor of prostate adenocarcinoma. Dr. Sakr has been actively involved in numerous clinical trials as an expert pathologist. In other clinical studies, Dr. Sakr is interested in evaluating genetic changes and expression profiling as markers for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. In addition, Dr. Sakr is an active investigator on several funded basic research projects on the underlying molecular mechanism of prostate tumor progression and metastasis.


Research Interests

Urological malignancies, preneoplastic diseases, prostate, molecular markers, and cancer biology


1982-1985: Booth Memorial Hospital, New York University, New York, NY, USA


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