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Margarita Palutke, M.D.
Director of Hematology/Hematopathology and Hematopathology Fellowship
Medical Director of Core Hematology
4201 St. Antoine
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 993-0486
Clinical and anatomic pathology, hemaopathology, lymphomas, leukemia and laboratory automation
Administrative Contact
Brenda Batts
(313) 577-1102
Research Interests

Molecular and Immunophenotypic markers in lymphoma and leukemia

Clinical Interests

  • Consultative expertise in all hematologic malignancies as well as non malignant disorders of bone marrow, peripheral bloods and lymphoid tissues
  • Flow cytometry
  • Histocompatibility (established and served as director, Histocompatibility Laboratory, 1970 -1991).

Research interest is in the field of Immunophenotypic characterization of T- and B-cell malignancies. My laboratory in flow cytometry is one of the earliest laboratories that introduced flow cytometric analysis in the State of Michigan. Currently, my laboratory is focusing in defining molecular markers in different hematologic malignancies with the aim for more specific therapies.


Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Wayne State University School of Medicine, Pathology Residency
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Wayne State University School of Medicine and Veterans Administration Hospital
Hematopathology Fellowship, two-year research associate track

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