School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine


Bo Jin, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Medical Director of Blood Bank at Sinai-Grace Hospital
Department of Pathology
Sinai-Grace Hospital, DMC
Wayne State University School of Medicine
6071 W. Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48235
Administrative Contact
Armdine Knighten
Phone: (313) 966-3333

Dr.  Jin is a senior pathologist with board certification in both clinical pathology and anatomic pathology.  Dr. Jin is mainly based at Sinai-Grace Hospital and practice general pathology, including autopsy, surgical pathology and cytology, with special interest in breast pathology.  Dr. Jin is also the medical director of blood bank at Sinai-Grace hospital.

Research Interests

Breast Cancer


1997-2001: Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington, WV, USA


M.D./M.S. (1986)
Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Science, Guangzhou, China

Postdoctoral Fellowship
1993-1997: National Center for Toxicological Research, Jefferson, AR, USA

2001-2002: University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH, USA

Medical Education Responsibilities

Training Faculty at Sinai-Grace Hospital


Faculty in Pathologist Assistant Program in gross techniques and histology sections


1. Jin B, Al-Abbadi M, and Puder K, 2005A, 32 year-old woman with abnormal female fetus,  Arch Pathol & Lab Med, 129: e19.
2. Jin B, Al-Abbadi M, Goldsmith A, and Budev H, 2007, Primary melanoma of the uterine cervix after supracervical hysterectomy:  a case report and review of literature,  Acta Cytologica, 51: 86-8.
3. Jin B, and Saleh H, 2009, Pitfalls in diagnosis of adult rhabdomyoma by fine needle aspiration; Report of a case and brief literature review, Diagnostic Cytopathol, 37: 483-6.
4. Jin B, Zaidi SY, Hollowell M, Hollowell C, and Saleh H, 2009, A unique case of urinary bladder simple melanosis: a case report and review of the literature, Diagn Pathol, 4: 24.