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Joseph Artiss
Associate Professor Emeritus

540 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI, 48201

(313) 577-1102
Metabolic Disease, Clinical Chemistry and Fat Blocker
Administrative Contact
Brenda Batts
Phone: (313) 577-1102
Research Interests

The research interests of Dr. Artiss include the development of new enzyme-based assays, automation of assays and most recently a dietary fiber/fat complexer. The development of this new and exciting fat complexer has lead Dr. Artiss into the fields of nutrition and fat metabolism. Dr. Artiss is the author/co-author of 65 refereed articles, 15 review articles, 8 chapters and 23 patents/patent applications.

Other Information

Patents (selected from 55 issued or pending)

1. Artiss JD, Jen K-LC. Dietary fat complexer. US Serial #60/461,847, filed April 11, 2003.
2. Artiss JD, Jen K-LC. Compositions comprising dietary fat complexer and methods for their use. US Serial 2004/0120984 A1, filed June 24, 2004.
3. Jen C, Artiss JD. Compositions comprising dietary fat complexer and methods for their use. PCT application WO 2004/016101 A2, February 26, 2004.
4. Artiss JD, Jen K-LC. Compositions comprising dietary fat complexer and methods for their use. U.S. Patent No. 6,890,549, May 10, 2005.
5. Artiss, JD, and Jen, C. Compositions comprising dietary fat complexor and methods of using same. US U.S. Patent No. 8,101,201 B2, January 24, 2012.


Ph.D. (1980): University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada


1. Artiss JD, Karcher RE, Cavanagh KT, Collins SL, Peterson VJ, Varma S, and Zak B, 2000, A liquid-stable reagent for the determination of lactic acid: Application to the Hitachi 911 and Beckman CX7, Am J Clin Pathol, 114: 139-43.

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