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Wayne State University School of Medicine


Anders Sima, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Pathology
Wayne State University
540 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI, 48182
Pathogenesis of Diabetic Complications; Mechanisms Underlying Senile Dementias; Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Expertise: Diagnostic neuropathology, neurological complications of diabetes, and senile dementias

Dr. Sima provides routine neuropathology diagnostic work. He acts as a consultant to several pharmaceutical companies with respect to design and conduct of clinical trials of diabetic complications. Dr. Sima’s particular interest is diabetic neurological complications. 

Research Interests

Metabolic dieases/diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders and dementias


Dr. Sima’s laboratory conducts research into mechanisms underlying diabetic neuropathies and encephalopathies and their treatments. The Sima laboratory is also involved in clinically based research into various dementing disorders such as Lewy Body Disease, Chromosome 17-linked dementia and diabetic encephalopathy, which has led to several seminal publications of these entities.


1969-1974: University of Goteborg, Goteborg, Sweden

Fellowship (FRCP(C))
1976-1978:  Queens University, Kingston, Canada


M.D. (1973): University of Goteborg, Goteborg, Sweden

Ph.D. (1974): University of Goteborg, Goteborg, Sweden

Medical Education Responsibilities

Undergraduate Program:
Lectures on diabetes, neurosciences, and neuropathology for medical students

Training faculty in the areas of neuropathology to pathology, neurology and neurosurgery


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