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February 8, 2010
  • Li Y, VandenBoom TG, Kong D, Wang Z, Ali S, Philip PA, Sarkar FH. Up-regulation of miR-200 and let-7 by natural agents leads to the reversal of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in gemcitabine-resistant pancreatic cancer cells, Cancer Res. 2009, 69: 6704-12.
  • Yi Wang, Pratima Nangia-Makker, Larry Tait, Vitaly Balan, Victor Hogan, Kenneth J. Pienta, and Avraham Raz, Regulation of Prostate Cancer Progression by Galectin-3, Am J Pathol. 2009, 174: 1515–1523.
  • Sheng S, Qiao M, and Pardee AB, 2009, Metastasis and AKT activation, J Cell Physiol (E-pub ahead of publication and cover feature), 218: 451-4.
  • Amy Frey, Ayman O Soubani, Abdulgadir K Adam, Shijie Sheng, Harvey I Pass, and Fulvio Lonardo, Nuclear, compared with combined nuclear and cytoplasmic expression of maspin, is linked in lung adenocarcinoma to reduced VEGF-A levels and in Stage I, improved survival, Histopathology, 54: 590-597.
  • Smith-Norowitz TA, Josekutty J, Lev-Tov H, Norowitz KB, Kohlhoff S, Silverberg JI, Nowakowski M, Durkin HG, Bluth MH. Long term persistence of IgE anti-varicella zoster virus in pediatric and adult serum post chicken pox infection and after vaccination with varicella virus vaccine, Intl J Biomed Sci, 2009, 5:353-358.